Starting SDL !!!

Its been quite sometime since I started to study SDL with my friend. I am going to summarise somethings about SDL as a beginner.

First let me tell the steps for configuring SDL with DevC++ IDE After installing DevC++ IDE, download the SDL Library

Download the SDL development library for Mingw32
(might be changed in the future)
SDL Library official site is

Place it in your C:\ Drive root.

You can also place it whereever you want to store, but here I am going to make further explanation assuming that we are extracting the downloaded file in C:\. If you are extracting at a different location make changes in the path as necessary in the below example

  • Extract the contents.
    It will create a folder called SDL-1.2.12.
    Rename the folder to 'SDL' for simplicity sake.
    Now extracted contents are in C:\SDL
  • To verify check if there are folders by name
    bin, build-scripts, lib, include etc.
    under the path C:\SDL
  • Now open the DevC++ IDE
    Go to Tools Compiler Options.
    • Under Compiler Tab
      Check the 'Add these commands to the linker command line' checkbox.
    • Then enter
      '-lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL'
      in that textbox without the single quotes.
  • Next go to Directories Tab.
    • Under Libraries add the path C:\SDL\lib
    • Under C/C++ includes add the path 'C:\SDL\include\SDL'

Now you are all set to begin SDL !!


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