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Storing and retrieving AS3 'Class' in SharedObjects

I recently wanted to store and retrieve AS3 Classes in SharedObjects. This could be particularly useful when dealing with an embedded resource. The key functions which help you achieve this are  getQualifiedClassName &  getDefinitionByName

Bejeweled, Candy crush like Match-3 game clone source code jam

Today I had to make an assignment for this company I had applied for. After passing round 1, the second round was an assignment. The task was to make a clone of Bejeweled which auto-plays itself, until no more matches can be made. The game can be stopped using a button or when no more matches are available. When it is stopped either way the user can click on any 3 gems to convert it to a wildcard gem. So the game can be played forever without any end. The whole thing took about 5 hours, with about 40 mins break in between and few other miniature breaks. I have always wanted to participate in game jams and make a time lapse video, so I took this opportunity and made one. Also I am giving away the source code on Github. It is made with Starling framework using AS3, so it should be portable to iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web without any hassles. Screenshot Play online Click here to play the game online (hosted on my Dropbox)

What are the best fonts for programming ?

Good page with example and screenshots. I am about to try Ubuntu Mono.

Testing your Flash AS3 games simulating slow internet connection

Flash IDE used to have an option where you can test your flash movie with different kinds of modem speeds. It was very useful to see how loading external resources worked, for testing some funky pre-loaders I made back in those days. Today I had to test my AS3 game which I coded with Flash builder 4.6. Finally after some work managed to test the preloader I created based on this article . Here are the steps I followed (Works only for Windows, tested with Chrome) 1. You need a web server. I didn't want to download and install anything huge. So search for a portable as small as possible web server and found something called MicroApache. = Download it from here = (click File > Download after the page loads) Then run it by clicking on go.bat after extracting it somewhere, anywhere. Test it by typing http://localhost:8800 If that link gets taken down in the future you have other alternatives http://www.brsweb

Porting my AS3 game (engine) to Starling

I started working on my first Indie game really long ago. Probably even before Stage3d was announced. But my day job kept me busy and the development happened only on and off. Here are a few details about it - Has a resolution of 720 x 480 (3:2 aspect ratio, had old iPhone screens in mind) - Not based on Blitting like Flixel does. I used the display list. - A lot of procedural artwork with AS3 filters, but with cacheAsBitmap enabled. - Heavy usage of  'Graphics' class, to create the elements via code. - Also has usual PNG frame animated graphics. Having worked on Robokill for the iOS, I got to read a lot of the original AS3 code. But little did I realize that even though that game had a resolution of 800 x 600, had lot of graphics and still ran smoothly, that game was designed in such a way that not the entire screen needed to be redrawn each frame. It never had parallax scrolling backgrounds, or full screen effects. It was written with a home-grown AS3 game engine a

I really want you to not believe where my site is hosted on

Finally my first website is up. With my limited web development skills and a lot of help from around the internet, close friends and my dear sister it took me about 1.5 days to go from  ==> ** References ** Beautiful-css-centered-menus-no-hacks-full-cross-browser-support Customizing-and-styling-google-forms Sincere thanks to Tallman , Ashwin and my sister for their tips about typefaces and content organization. Check it out now -

Been cooking this for a long while now..

It all began 2 years ago :P

You haven't seen the Stack overflow calendar yet?

Today while on my SO profile page , I accidentally clicked on their "visited" statistics. (They have a few badges for people who come to the site regularly like 'for n consecutive days' and so on) And then to my surprise I found a neat calendar view of all the days. Though not very useful or anything. It was kinda cool and surprising to see how much my life/career has become dependent on