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Flixel - first impressions and what can 'Unity3d' learn from it

Disclaimer : This purpose of this article is not to criticize the author of Flixel, rather to help new developers to get an idea of Flixel, its architecture and what to expect from it. I still believe it is a great library for making certain types of games very quickly and very good for prototyping certain game ideas, if not the best. If you have been trying to make flash games in your free time, there is no way you haven't heard of Flixel. Canabalt's release also popularized the engine quite a bit. I dabbled with Flixel a few weeks ago for a small weekly prototype marathon we had at work. Me, being the usual awesome self, decided to go with a library that I haven't worked with before for the marathon. So it began. Good, Bad Stuff First of all Flixel's 'features' page is pretty amazing on their website. Multiple cameras for a 2d game, built-in simple physics/collision system, particle engine, game save/load and even a feature to record and replay demos. Wo