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Jailbroken development with iOS 5.0.1 and XCode 4.2

There is a lot of scattered information out there, so I am going to confirm this is going to work only for the specific configuration given below. Configuration details XCode version = 4.2 (BUILD 4D199 - But any build of XCode 4.2 should work) MAC OS X = 10.7.2 iOS 5.0.1 (9A405) Jailbroken iPod Touch 4th Gen (and has Cydia on it) How to start developing with XCode without iPhone developer account ? First is to disable CODESIGN (read code-sign). Make a copy of this file on Desktop (Because finder won't allow you to edit in the same folder) /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS5.0.sdk/SDKSettings.plist Open that file in TextEdit and change the following values from YES to NO. So it looks like below <key>CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED</key> <string>NO</string> <key>ENTITLEMENTS_REQUIRED</key> <string>NO</string> Now restart XCode and set Code Signing Identity to Don't Code Sign