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Game development live blogging - Part 1

I'm starting a project called "Snake On Acid" using Unity3d engine. Its the classic old Nokia snake game, but with all the game development magic I have learnt so far in my career. It is going to have what I believe are some interesting time based twists, amazing sound and flashy graphics with lot of juicyness! Much in line with super hexagon's style. Lets start.. I have setup a basic project with some graphics inspired from Neave snake. I hope to change the graphics later. I have a "gameboard" background graphic object (with sorting layer : background), a snake game object with three snake body objects (sorting layer : foreground) and a main camera object. Oh I also have Demigiant's DoTween plugin added to the Unity project. There's going to be some amazing tweening :) Now to make the snake move, but with some tween magic. I am going to focus only on the head snake object and attach a script to the body. Body part will be a prefab, and w