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This is for all people who know whats VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for office) and have developed apps using it and have not been able to deploy to end user systems. This is the most easy solution I have found to deploy document level solutions i.e. for a single excel or word file after a long time struggling. Though there are many ways to deploy VSTO solution for a document level and most handy one i have found so far has been - signing the assembly with a strong name then add entry in the .NET 2.0 security configuration. This is most handy because if you use URL then you cant shift the location of the folder which i needed in my case. Here are the steps. (NOTE: In the end users computer - You need to install feature .NET forms programmability in Office 2003 by using add/remove features in office 2003 installer and then install VSTOR.exe which can be found in the VSTO CD) (NOTE: In the developers computer you need the Visual Studio SDK if you need the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configu