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DoTween - The Big Demo

I love DoTween , and have been using it extensively at work and personal projects, ever since I heard of it. Tweens are a great and cheap way to get a polished look for all transitions and animations in your game or mobile app. Stop coding movement by hand for menu items, HUDs, simple translations etc. if you are still doing it. So I made a small 2d demo in Unity5 with DoTween, where you can play with different types of tweens, including an option to choose a different tween for different axes (X and Y) Its open-source btw, and you can play with the code yourself on github . Click to open the unity web player in new tab (Firefox, Safari recommended) If Chrome blocks, follow instructions . Easing is an important component of making your games and interactive experiences Juicy. If you don't know what Juicyness is watch this amazingly cool super awesome video of two game developers showcasing their demo.

10 productivity tips to not give up on your game project

These tips are not just for game development, this applies to almost anyone who wants to create stuff and can apply to any project in your life. ExtraCredits is a really good youtube channel for anyone who is interested in making games. Today I saw this video on their GameDesign playlist . It gave some amazing tips as listed below. This is just a summary for those crazy people who prefer reading instead of watching videos, like me :) 1) Don't plan a project that will take you more than a month This is a great point. After years of having dropped projects, prototypes and trying to do too many things, or everything that excites me at the moment. I guess this is a must follow. 2) Its gonna take you more than a month, if you plan for a month. Haha, yes, so true. But don't panic, but if you hit 3 months, its time to revisit. 3) Don't spend too much time designing Don't spend too much time designing stuff you don't know if you can build yet. Experience is w

Game development live blogging - Part 2

Alright yesterday I left a body-less snake alone in Part 1. Today I am going to make it attach with its body, and have you test-drive the snake in the editor, even in "Edit mode"... Fancy! I know, that's one of the strength's of Unity3d's editors. Recap : So far, in the editor, edit mode, I am able to drag the snake's head GameObject, and snap it to the grid. Now its time to link them together. Usually in the past, I always hold them all in a single array like data structure and keep updating their position using code, by shifting their position data from head to body 1, and body 1 to body 2 and so on. This time I am going to try a new approach. Let's do it the Unity3d's way. First I am going to declare a new variable called "nextPart" of type SnakePart. I realised, each part's responsibility is only to pass its old position to the next body part. This will be a chain effect and the entire snake will move. Also we never use th

Application could not be verified, when installing app to iPad Air

Solution : Delete the existing app on the device and try again. Note : You don't have to do this all the time. It happens only when a version of the app is installed from the AppStore or from an Ad-hoc source like Testflight. I hadn't seen this error before, but it happened to me on XCode - version 6.3.1 (6D1002) with an iPad Air. But around the internet it seems to happen to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too.

Game development live blogging - Part 1

I'm starting a project called "Snake On Acid" using Unity3d engine. Its the classic old Nokia snake game, but with all the game development magic I have learnt so far in my career. It is going to have what I believe are some interesting time based twists, amazing sound and flashy graphics with lot of juicyness! Much in line with super hexagon's style. Lets start.. I have setup a basic project with some graphics inspired from Neave snake. I hope to change the graphics later. I have a "gameboard" background graphic object (with sorting layer : background), a snake game object with three snake body objects (sorting layer : foreground) and a main camera object. Oh I also have Demigiant's DoTween plugin added to the Unity project. There's going to be some amazing tweening :) Now to make the snake move, but with some tween magic. I am going to focus only on the head snake object and attach a script to the body. Body part will be a prefab, and w