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Starting SDL !!!

Its been quite sometime since I started to study SDL with my friend. I am going to summarise somethings about SDL as a beginner. First let me tell the steps for configuring SDL with DevC++ IDE After installing DevC++ IDE, download the SDL Library Download the SDL development library for Mingw32 (might be changed in the future) SDL Library official site is Place it in your C:\ Drive root. You can also place it whereever you want to store, but here I am going to make further explanation assuming that we are extracting the downloaded file in C:\. If you are extracting at a different location make changes in the path as necessary in the below example Extract the contents. It will create a folder called SDL-1.2.12. Rename the folder to 'SDL' for simplicity sake. Now extracted contents are in C:\SDL To verify check if there are folders by name bin, build-scripts, lib, include etc. under the path

How to begin game programming ??

I remember I asked my father how games were made when I was in UKG after I got my ATARI 2600, and has been always trying to find out since then. (Throughout my school life, I never owned a computer at home, only thing they taught in school was LOGO and very very limited amount of Basic. When I was in 9th or 10th standard I met this awesome thing called "Flash" which was Flash 5 then, and Flash CS4 now !) This is something that I took years to find out. The first thing I started was to program with Flash . Soon I realized Flash's capabilities.I agree that you can make decent games with flash too. But still how do these people program real AAA titles like Half Life, Quake 3 etc ?? Then I came to world of turbo C, started ambitiously later found its slow and screen was flickering, then came Java with double buffering , I got a tutorial about tile based games and realized this is how games like Super Mario was made. Used it in Java, got some smooth scrolling, but could

Adding a printer in VB.NET

I took some time for me before I found out that API AddPrinter can be used to add printer whose driver is already installed. All I wanted to do was to add a Printer if its not present and the driver was built-in Windows XP itself. First I finished adding the printer in VC++ using MFC Application then I wanted to add it using VB.NET either using Declare Function or DllImport by wrapping it in a dll. Then i had to google for a long time when i last arrived at a code that really worked !!! Module Printer_Module 'declare the API in VB Private Declare Function AddPrinter Lib "winspool.drv" Alias "AddPrinterW" _ (ByVal pName As IntPtr, ByVal Level As Int32, _ &#60MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPStruct)&#62 ByVal pPrinter As PRINTER_INFO_2) As Int32 ' 'still dont know why PRINTER_INFO_2 is Class instead of a Structure &#60StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)&#62 _ Pu