DoTween - The Big Demo

I love DoTween, and have been using it extensively at work and personal projects, ever since I heard of it.

Tweens are a great and cheap way to get a polished look for all transitions and animations in your game or mobile app. Stop coding movement by hand for menu items, HUDs, simple translations etc. if you are still doing it.

So I made a small 2d demo in Unity5 with DoTween, where you can play with different types of tweens, including an option to choose a different tween for different axes (X and Y)

Its open-source btw, and you can play with the code yourself on github.

Click to open the unity web player in new tab (Firefox, Safari recommended)
If Chrome blocks, follow instructions.

Easing is an important component of making your games and interactive experiences Juicy. If you don't know what Juicyness is watch this amazingly cool super awesome video of two game developers showcasing their demo.


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