Bejeweled, Candy crush like Match-3 game clone source code jam

Today I had to make an assignment for this company I had applied for. After passing round 1, the second round was an assignment. The task was to make a clone of Bejeweled which auto-plays itself, until no more matches can be made.

The game can be stopped using a button or when no more matches are available. When it is stopped either way the user can click on any 3 gems to convert it to a wildcard gem. So the game can be played forever without any end.

The whole thing took about 5 hours, with about 40 mins break in between and few other miniature breaks. I have always wanted to participate in game jams and make a time lapse video, so I took this opportunity and made one.

Also I am giving away the source code on Github. It is made with Starling framework using AS3, so it should be portable to iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web without any hassles.


Play online
Click here to play the game online (hosted on my Dropbox)

Source code
The source code is available on my Github. It has a 5 x 5 grid, but position and dimensions of the grid and dimensions of the gems can be changed easily as I have used const variables at the needed places.

Time-lapse Video
Check out the time-lapse video below to see how I coded the whole thing

How to make time-lapse video
How to install ffmpeg on Mountain Lion


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