Testing your Flash AS3 games simulating slow internet connection

Flash IDE used to have an option where you can test your flash movie with different kinds of modem speeds. It was very useful to see how loading external resources worked, for testing some funky pre-loaders I made back in those days.

Today I had to test my AS3 game which I coded with Flash builder 4.6. Finally after some work managed to test the preloader I created based on this article.

Here are the steps I followed (Works only for Windows, tested with Chrome)

1. You need a web server. I didn't want to download and install anything huge. So search for a portable as small as possible web server and found something called MicroApache.

= Download it from here = (click File > Download after the page loads)
Then run it by clicking on go.bat after extracting it somewhere, anywhere.
Test it by typing http://localhost:8800

If that link gets taken down in the future you have other alternatives

2. Once you have a working webserver, put your bin-debug or bin-release folder where it seeks the contents. In the MicroApache, it was a sub-folder called "www"

3. Next download Fiddler2. Launch it. Go to Rules > Performance > Simulate Modem Speeds

4. Now open the following link in your browser

You have to use the machine name, not the IP address or localhost for it to work.
Let me know if there are any questions.


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