3d Tunnel OpenGL Source code - iPhone OpenGL ES compatible !

I am releasing source code of the iPhone OpenGL ES compatible Never-Ending Tunnel Source Code. The code is done using SDL on Windows only. But the OpenGL elements use only Triangle strips and all OpenGL ES compatible functions and porting to iPhone is a cakewalk.

I have searched on the web and never found a ES compatible version which is easily portable, so here we go enjoy. I have intentionally left a small glitch in Texture Coordinate generation, which actually looks pretty according to me. If you need I can help you to fix is easily.

Some important notes :-
  • No Models present - The Tunnel is a torus which is completely procedurally generated.. so the torus properties can be changed easily.

  • The Texture generation part is platform dependent. The files RTexture.h and RTexture.cpp is almost completely copy-paste reusable :D


Download Source code (along with SDL Library and Binaries included - 1.36 MB)


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